New M1 Mono Stepped Attenuator

Printed Circuit Boards and Kits
All boards are audio-grade PCBs: Double-sided, plated through holes, extra-thick board, 2oz-copper traces, clean solder mask and part location silk screening.

All printed circuit boards are expensively and lovingly made in USA

Voltage Regulators & Power Supplies
New New LV-Regulator: an audio-grade low-voltage regulator that uses a simple RC filter (1 ohm & 10kF) as a pre-filter before the LDO regulator and holds bypass capacitors for all the electrolytic capacitors and a 4.7F/400V polypropylene shunting capacitor at the output. Perfect replacing the cheap switcher wallwart that came with your external DAC or Squeezebox Duet or Touch.
Line Stage & Headphone Amplifiers
Aikido LV, ACF, CCDA, BCF, Unbalancer, and SRPP+ PCBs and kits. Buy just the PCB or add the items that you need to finish your project.
Attenuators and Signal Selecters
Stepped attenuator kits and audio signal switches. Staggered AC power switch.
Phono Preamps
Aikido & Tetra Phono Stages are stereo tube phono preamps that uses two gain stages per channel and passive equalization in between.
Capacitors and Sockets
Coupling capacitors and tube sockets for your tube audio projects.
Tone Controls
Tone Controls