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Power supplies, particularly high-voltage power supplies, are often the big stumbling block to a successful completion of a tube-based audio project. Getting a PCB and all the capacitors, diodes, and resistors needed to populate the PCB is only half the problem. The other half is getting the power transformer. Well, with the new Tr-PS-2 power supply both problems are solved at once, as the Tr-PS-2 holds its own power transformer. The Tr-PS-2's PCB is only 5 " by 2.8 " and, like all GlassWare PCBs, is extra thick (0.094 in), US-made, with heavy 2 oz-copper traces.
Brother to the Tr-PS-2, the Tr-PS-1 is a low-voltage, regulated 12Vdc (or 9Vdc or 12.6Vdc) power supply, perfect for powering vacuum tube heaters or replacing the wallwart power supply that powers DACs and other small audio gear. The Tr-PS-1 holds its own 36VA power transformer. The Tr-PS-1 PCB is only 5 " by 2.8 " and, like all GlassWare PCBs, is extra thick (0.094 in), US-made, with heavy 2-ounce copper traces. The PCB holds a 3A, low-drop-out (LDO), adjustable voltage regulator, the LD1085, which idles at 10mA with no external load and is able to deliver 1.5A @12Vdc into an external load.
The PS-10 circuit board makes life quite a bit easier for the tube fancier. On this small 4 by 5 inch, extra thick (0.094), 2oz-copper traces, USA-made PCB resides both a high-voltage power supply and a low-voltage regulator, with each finding its own raw power supply. The transformer is an Edcor XPWR083A-120/240, a PCB-mount type that works with 120Vac or 240Vac wall voltages. An assembled PS-10 makes a fine tube-circuit power supply, as long as the power demands are not too great, as the PS-10 puts out 280Vdc @ 20mA of HV B+ voltage and 800mA @ 6.3Vdc of heater voltage.

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E-mail from GlassWare Customers:

Hi John,

I received the Aikido PCB today - thank you for the first rate shipping speed.

Wanted to let you know that this is simply the best PCB I have had in my hands, bar none. The quality is fabulous, and your documentation is superb. I know you do this because you love audio, but I think your price of $39 is a bit of a giveaway! I'm sure you could charge double and still have happy customers.

Looking forward to building the Aikido, will send some comments when I'm done!

Thank you, regards, Gary.


Mr Broskie,

I bought an Aikido stereo linestage kit from you some days ago, and I received it just this Monday. I have a few things to say about it.. Firstly, I'm extremely impressed at the quality of what I've been sent. In fact, this is the highest quality kit I've seen anywhere, of anything. I have no idea how you managed to fit all this stuff in under what I paid for it. Second, your shipping was lightning-quick. Just more satisfaction in the bag, there. I wish everyone did business like you.

Sean H.