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Tube Clock Kit
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Product Description

The tube clock’s dial face is an 8-inch diameter circle made from the same extra- thick 0.93-inch, FR-4, double-sided, 2-Oz copper PCB material from which all my PCBs are made (the tube symbols and hour marking dots are actually large solder pads and are bright and shiny, so almost impossible to photograph). The clock movement, like the clock face, is made in the USA and is accurate to 1 second per day; it runs on one AA battery, which should last about one year. The clock hands are two colored: black on one side and white on the other, as shown above.

Why a kit and not a completely assembled clock? Quite simply, I do not trust the post offices of the world; the French post office has delivered a PCB folded in half and other post offices have crushed packages, breaking tubes and leaving large holes that parts pour through. Admittedly, such catastrophes are extremely rare and I have had UPS deliver assembled and glass-besseled clocks to me in great shape, but I would feel much better knowing that the clock movement and hands were safe. Besides, anyone who can replace a phono cartridge should easily be able to assemble the tube clock in less than a minute, as the clock movement comes completely assembled and only requires its insertion into the clock face and the attaching the clock hands (with one nut). Of course, there are those who cannot readily replace a cartridge Well, rest assured that my one-page instruction sheet explains all that is needed to assemble this clock.

Based on original artwork by John A. Broski.