New Balancer PCB and Kit

New PS-9 Heater Power Supply

PS-9 Heater Power Supply
PS-9 Heater Power Supply
Item# PS-9 Heater PS
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PS-9 Heater Power Supply
Don't let the 5Vac rectifier winding to go to waste.

The circuit is a simple voltage doubler that converts the 5Vac into 12Vdc for the power amplifier's frontend circuitry. It is not that big a deal, but once you have point-to-point wired a few of them, you begin to long for a tight little PCB. The parts are first rate (Panasonic FM series 1kF and Panasonic 10kF 105 capacitors, ultra-fast MUR410G rectifiers, and four sets of standoffs). The American made PCB is extra thick (0.094") with 2oz copper traces and is 2 inches square. Kit includes user guide.