New Balancer PCB and Kit

The same regulator the PS-1 uses, but without the heater PS

PS-2 Solo
PS-2 Solo
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Product Description

No doubt that this little circuit board (4.5 by 4.25 inches) will make life quite a bit easier for many tube fanciers.

On this extra thick (0.094 inch), US-made PCB with 2oz-copper traces resides a single high-voltage regulator, with its own raw power supply, including the rectifiers and power-supply reservoir capacitors. In other words, except for the power transformers, the PS-2 Solo PCB holds all that is needed to make a superb tube B+ power supply. The PS-2 Solo regulator can power a line-stage amplifier, headphone amplifier, or phono stage. (It might also work in a tube power amplifier, if the current draw isnít excessive.) This high-voltage regulator uses a high-voltage series regulator to achieve a quiet and stable regulated B+ voltage, which can span from 50V to 300V, while delivering up to 80mA of current.

Furthermore, both a full-wave-center-tapped configuration and a full-wave-bridge rectifier arrangement can be used with this PCB. The PS-2 Solo PCB, like the Janus Solo PCB, holds only a single high voltage regulator, unlike the original PS-1 regulator PCB which held both high voltage and low-voltage regulators. Thus, the tube heaters must find their power source elsewhere, such as an AC winding or a simple DC power supply or regulator power supply.

The PS-2 Solo kit comes with all the parts needed to populate the PCB, including the heat sink, standoffs, and 14 voltage-setting resistors, which allows the following output voltages to be set:

50V 60V 65V 75V 110V 120V 125V 130V 135V 140V 150V 160V 165V 170V 175V 180V 185V 195V 200V 210V 215V 220V 225V 240V 250V 270V 300V

All the resistors needed

All the capacitors needed (Nichicon, Panasonic, RTI or Wima)

LD1085 low-dropout voltage regulator

Heatsinks for TO220 device

Four sets of PCB standoffs with O-rings

Four HER108 ultrafast 1A 1000V rectifiers

IXCP 10M45S HV constant-current source

24-Page User Guide