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Janus Solo
Janus Solo
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Product Description

In a nutshell, the Janus shunt regulator uses both feedforward- and feedback-based shunt regulation to reject both the rectifier-induced power-supply noise and the signal-induced power-supply noise from its output.

Janus Solo PCB The Janus Solo circuit board makes life quite a bit easier for the tube fancier. On this small 4 by 5 inch, extra thick (0.094), 2oz-copper traces, USA-made PCB resides a high-voltage regulator, with the regulator finding its own raw power supply, including the rectifier(s) and power-supply reservoir capacitors. In other words, except for the power transformers, the Janus Solo PCB holds all that is needed to make a superb tube-circuit power supply. Furthermore, the Janus Solo can be used just as a post shunt regulator. In other words, the rectifier can be left off the PCB and the Janus Solo can be placed in series of an existing high voltage power supply and the load.

The high-voltage regulator uses a pure-tube, feedback-and-feedforward shunt regulator to achieve a quiet AC regulated B+ voltage, which can span from 200V to 300V. Furthermore, either a full-wave-center-tapped configuration or a full-wave-bridge rectifier arrangement can be used. The PCB even allows solid-state rectifiers to be used place of the single tube rectifier.

Kit does not include a power transformer. Works with transformers between 400V to 550V center-tapped, with 5V @ 2A windings. Do not expect this realization of the Janus circuit to power a KT88-filled power amplifier; it won't.

The Janus shunt regulator kit includes

High-quality, USA-made, PCB that is 4 by 5 inches, extra thick (0.93"), with 2oz copper traces, with four mounting holes

JJ/Tesla or EH ECC832/12DW7 (Optional)

Sovtek 5Y3GT (Optional)

All the resistors needed

All the capacitors needed (Nichicon, Panasonic)

Two ceramic tube sockets

Four sets of PCB standoffs with O-rings

Two Ultrafast 1A/1000V rectifiers

24-Page User Guide