New Balancer PCB and Kit

New power supply for electrostatic-headphone amplifiers

ES Power Supply PS-8
ES Power Supply PS-8
Item# PS-8
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Product Description

ES Power Supply PS-8
The PS-8 circuit board was designed for those who need a high-voltage, bipolar power supply with two sets of regulated heater power supplies. On this seven by four inch, extra thick (0.094), 2oz-copper traces, USA-made PCB resides both a bipolar high-voltage power supply and two low-voltage regulators, with each finding its own raw power supply, including the rectifiers and power-supply reservoir capacitors. In other words, except for the power transformers, the PS-8 PCB holds all that is needed to make a fine tube-circuit power supply suitable for electrostatic headphone amplifiers.

The two low-voltage regulators are meant to power the tube heaters, whose cathodes might be hundreds of volts apart. Each low-voltage regulatorís power supply is flexible enough to allow either a conventional full-wave-bridge rectifier arrangement or a two rectifier voltage-doubler configuration, allowing for more latitude in power transformer selection; this regulator can be set to either 6.3V or 12V or 12.6V. In addition, the PS-8 can DC reference both heater regulators to a positive or negative voltage or left floating, with only a coupling capacitor to ground.

The high-voltage portion of the PS-8 power supply uses a high-speed solid-state full-wave bridge center-tapped rectifier circuit and two simple RC filters to achieve a fairly quiet high-voltage rail voltages, which can span from+/-200V to +/-300V at the outputs. In addition, a voltage doubler circuit is used to create the needed high-voltage bias voltage for electrostatic headphones.

Kit does not include a power transformer, but works with transformers between 460Vac CT to 480Vac CT, with two 12Vac or 12.6Vac secondaries. Two separate (B+ and heater) transformers work best.

The PS-8 kit includes

High-quality PCB that is 4.5 by 7 inches, extra thick (0.93"), with 2oz copper traces, with four mounting holes

All the resistors needed

All the capacitors needed (Nichicon, Panasonic, Wima)

Two LD1084 5A low-dropout voltage regulators

Two heatsinks for TO220 devices

Four sets of PCB standoffs with O-rings

Four MUR410G ultrafast 4A/100V rectifiers

Four HER108 ultrafast 1A 1000V rectifiers

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