It's about time!

Tube Clock (Sold Out)
Tube clock? Is it a piece of artwork, worthy of window display in exclusive art galleries? Or is it the long-awaited analog replacement to the famed Tice digital clock? Or is it a chronometer of exceptional precision? Or is a timepiece of uncanny beauty, suitable for adorning walls of Beverly Hills mansions and Manhattan penthouses? Or is it something like a badge of affiliation to an almost cult-like adoration of vacuum tubes? Well, itís all of the above. It is also GlassWare Audio Design's latest kit offering.

The Aikido PH-1 phono stage returns. Building phono stage based on the Aikido topology makes perfect sense, as the Aikidoís low distortion, noise, and output impedance, without the use of negative feedbackóall are highly desirable attributes in a phono preamp. The Aikido PH-1 phono preamp is an extremely flexible design, as a nearly infinite number of different Aikido Phono Stage configurations can be built on the PCB. Nonetheless, our goals always remain constant: high-gain, low-noise, and low output impedance. The input tubes provide the voltage gain in this preamp, while the output tubes isolate the input tubes from both the equalization network and the external load, and they deliver a low output impedance.