New Rev-B Solid-State High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Regulator Kit.

PS-1 Kit
PS-1 Kit
Item# PS-1 Reg Kit
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Product Description

The PS-1 series regulator Rev-B is an all-solid-state regulator designed to deliver between +100V to +300V worth of B+ voltage. The PS-1 regulator maintains a fixed DC voltage and it works to eliminate any AC perturbations on its output. The PS-1 regulator uses an LD1085 as the voltage regulator and an IXCY 10M45S constant-current source to shield the LD1085 from the high-voltage. The LD1085 is nested in its low-voltage span of just a few volts, while the IXCY 10M45S sees the bulk of the input/output voltage differential. Consequently, the IXCY 10M45S gets the heatsink, while the LT1085 is left naked.

The PS-1 PCB also holds a low-voltage, 2.5A regulator circuit for the heaters. The low-voltage regulator allows three different rectifier configurations: full-wave bridge, full-wave center-tap, and voltage doubler. Thus, a 12V output can be derived from either a 24Vac CT, a 12Vac, or a 6.3V to 8Vac transformer secondary. Kit comes with resistors for setting three output voltages: 6.3V, 12V, and 12.6V.

Kit does not include a power transformer, but works with transformers between 120Vac to 260Vac(or 200Vct to 550Vct), with 6.3V or 12.6V windings. The PS-1 can deliver up to 50mA of high voltage and is the prefect choice for a line stage amplifier or a phono preamp.

The PS-1 series regulator kit includes

High-quality, USA-made, PCB that is 4.5 by 6 inches, extra thick (0.93"), with 2oz copper traces, with four mounting holes

All the resistors needed

All the capacitors needed (Nichicon, Panasonic, MKP)

Two LD1085 low-dropout voltage regulators

Two heatsinks for TO220 devices

Four sets of PCB standoffs with O-rings

Four MUR410G ultrafast 4A/100V rectifiers

Four HER108 ultrafast 1A 1000V rectifiers

One IXCP 10M45S HV constant-current source

24-Page User Guide