New Rev-B Solid-State High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Regulator Kit.

PS-1 Kit
PS-1 Kit
Item# PS-1 Reg Kit
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Product Description

The PS-1 series regulator Rev-B is an all-solid-state regulator designed to deliver between +100V to +300V worth of B+ voltage. The PS-1 regulator maintains a fixed DC voltage and it works to eliminate any AC perturbations on its output. The PS-1 regulator uses an LD1085 as the voltage regulator and an IXCY 10M45S constant-current source to shield the LD1085 from the high-voltage. The LD1085 is nested in its low-voltage span of just a few volts, while the IXCY 10M45S sees the bulk of the input/output voltage differential. Consequently, the IXCY 10M45S gets the heatsink, while the LT1085 is left naked.

The PS-1 PCB also holds a low-voltage, 2.5A regulator circuit for the heaters. The low-voltage regulator allows three different rectifier configurations: full-wave bridge, full-wave center-tap, and voltage doubler. Thus, a 12V output can be derived from either a 24Vac CT, a 12Vac, or a 6.3V to 8Vac transformer secondary. Kit comes with resistors for setting three output voltages: 6.3V, 12V, and 12.6V.

Kit does not include a power transformer, but works with transformers between 120Vac to 260Vac(or 200Vct to 550Vct), with 6.3V or 12.6V windings. The PS-1 can deliver up to 50mA of high voltage and is the prefect choice for a line stage amplifier or a phono preamp.

The PS-1 series regulator kit includes

High-quality, USA-made, PCB that is 4.5 by 6 inches, extra thick (0.93"), with 2oz copper traces, with four mounting holes

All the resistors needed

All the capacitors needed (Nichicon, Panasonic, MKP)

Two LD1085 low-dropout voltage regulators

Two heatsinks for TO220 devices

Four sets of PCB standoffs with O-rings

Four MUR410G ultrafast 4A/100V rectifiers

Four HER108 ultrafast 1A 1000V rectifiers

One IXCP 10M45S HV constant-current source

24-Page User Guide


TA050-12 12Vac Toroid
This Noratel toroid offers two 12Vac @ 2.08A windings, which can easily be placed in parallel, yielding 4.16A of AC current, which rectified equals about 2.3A of DC current for either 12Vdc or 9Vdc power supplies. Or, if you need a 24Vdc power supply, the two 12Vac winding can be placed in series. The transformer holds two secondaries, so it can be used with either 120Vac and 230Vac wall voltages at either 50Hz or 60Hz.
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TA050-12 12Vac Toroid TA050-12
This item is currently out of stock!
Triad VPT230-110 toroidal transformer
The Triad VPT230-110 toroidal transformer holds two secondaries and two primaries.

VPT230-110 Electrical Specifications (@25C) 1. Maximum Power: 25VA 2. Input Voltage: Series: 230VAC, 50/60Hz Parallel: 115VAC, 50/60Hz 3. Output Voltage: Series: 230VAC CT@ 0.11A Parallel: 115.0VAC@ 0.22A 4. Voltage Regulation: 12% TYP from full load to no load 5. Temperature Rise: 30°C TYP 6. Hipot: 4000VAC, Primary to Secondary 7. Efficiency: 87% TYP. @ full load

The two secondaries allow two rectified B+ voltages to be created, either 165Vdc @ 100mA or 330Vdc @ 50mA. The two primaries allow this transformer's use with either 120Vac or 230-240Vac wall AC voltages.

This toroid is a great match with the PS-1 regulator, along with the TA050-12 12Vac toroid for the heater regulator portion of the PS-1. I should know, as I have used many of these toroids in the past. It could also be used with PS-3 or PS-15 or PS-18. It would also work well with the ACF-2 PCBs.

Because we charge a flat-rate of shipping, you will not be penalized for its high weight (1.102 lbs). This high-voltage toroid comes with the mounting hardware and large rubber washer
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Triad VPT230-110 toroidal transformer VPT230