New bipolar low-voltage power supply for solid-state projects

Bipolar low-voltage power supply
Bipolar low-voltage power supply
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Product Description

New 4 by 6 inch PCB that holds a low-voltage bipolar regulated power supply for solid-state use. Why? High-quality audio OpAmped circuits require high-quality, low-voltage, bipolar power supply.

The odd fact about three-pin voltage regulators is that no one makes a great negative regulator or, put differently, no one makes as good a negative regulator as the LT1085/LD1085 is as a positive regulator. So, I used two positive regulators. How is that possible? How do you get a negative regulator out a positive one? You dont; you make two positive regulators and stack the outputs to create a bipolar power supply.

All eight electrolytic capacitors are Nichicon Audio capacitors, four 6800F/25V and four 1000F/25V. The B-PS-1 regulator also holds four 3.3F Wima MKP10 polypropylene capacitors to bypass the key electrolytic capacitors. The fat heatsinks are 2.5 inches tall and provide plenty of cooling for the two LD1085 regulators.

The 25V capacitors allow a wide range of output voltages, from +/-5Vdc to +/-22Vdc. The eight rectifiers are premium ultra-fast types and two 3A, LDO, 30V LD1085 regulators are included in the kit.

This regulator requires a power transformer with two secondaries, as it uses two four-diode rectifier bridges. In other words, a center-tapped secondary cannot be used. Fortunately, low-voltage power transformer with dual secondaries are easy to find.

Kit includes all the parts to populate the PCB, but not the power transformer.